Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Back in the days i suppouse it was even more dangerous to go west or east for loot...

Seasearpent head from the Blood Rage game and the rest of the seaserpeant body from a plastic toy dragon i got on a flee market. The crew on my viking ship are painted by my matey Andy.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Some more Blood rage minis for my Nordic fantasy project

Havent been much painting or gaming lately, but I have managed to paint some more of the big guys from the Blood Rage board game. This time 2 giants or Jötnar. The dark one I reccon is Surtr the greatest of the Eldjötunn (Fire giant) that comes from Musphelheim, he is armed with a fire sword that are told to have an emense power of destruction.

The Second giant mini should probably be a Bergjötunn (Mountain Giant) but I felt he looken like the god Thor, so he will be the god of thunder with his hammer Mjolnir :)

Friday, September 8, 2017

Pike and shot command group sculped by my matey Thomas

I want to congratulate my matey Tomas that have had his first miniatures releasen for the Warlord games Pike and Shot range.

I rely like the look of the minis and i looking forward to see more of Tomas sculpes  released in the future.

They are perfect for The Pikemans Lament:) and i would reccon they have to be consider as "Official TPL minis ;) " you can order them here.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Blood Rage minis to use with Dragon Rampant

Lately I have been painting some of the larger minis from the Blood Rage board game to be used with my Skägglavsfantasy project. Below are some pictures of the Wolfman, the Fenrir and a Giant.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Cult of Odin

When I was to Salute 2015 I, Jonas and Dan mersey visited the British Museum. Dan gave us a realy good and interesting guided tour and also gave us each a replica of the Lewis Chess Piece "The Berserker" as a gift. Sins I got it from Dan I have always wanted to use it for some Viking wargaming project, but I havent got around doint anything about it untill this summer. At first I thought I would do a stone statue of of him but then I got the idee of a more daring build, there I would turn the chess piece in to a Cult place for Odin, after all Odin was the good for the Berserkers, so I modeled it as sculped direct out of an old oak.

Unfortunate my camera broke down so all my WIP pictures was lost, but here you have a bunch of pictures of the finished model.